Spectrally Selective Films

See the light, feel the difference

SolarZone Interior Spectrally Selective window films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight and preserving the natural appearance of the glass.

Spectrally Selective films present the energy-saving choice that compromise neither façade nor view.

OptiLite 75 Xtra

OptiLite's subtle blue tint filters 88% of heat-building IR radiation to keep the building cooler without blocking welcome daylight.

Available in 75% VLT with PS adhesive for external installation.


The high-performance sputtered silver construction filters IR radiation, reducing hot spots and heat buildup, contributing to energy savings on AC costs. Argent interior films’ delicate antique silver sheen keeps the room light and bright — without sacrificing visibility or view — inside or out.

Available in 50% and 65% VLT with PS or WA adhesive.

e-Lite 70

e-Lite 70 interior film delivers excellent levels of heat rejection. Its natural glass tone preserves the building’s original appearance, but still delivers an effective energy-saving upgrade.

Available in 70% VLT with WA adhesive.

SolarZone Spectrally Selective films provide: 


Film Transmitted Reflected
UV Rejected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Argent 50 51% 28% 20% 99% 0.51 0.44 56%
Argent 65 65% 26% 26% 99% 0.57 0.49 51%
e-Lite 67% 14% 16% 99% 0.56 0.48 52%
OptiLite 75 Xtra 76% 9% 9% 99% 0.62 0.54 46%