SolarZone Energy Efficiency Program

Backed up by Hanita Coatings, Protech Glass Systems is spearheading a local and regional turnkey solutions program for a 5-step implementation of glazing energy upgrade with our solar zone window films for total energy support.


Building Survey

Guidance and tools for on-site data collection, with user-friendly tools for recording building data, and professional guidance in making the most of data available.


Energy Modeling

Comprehensive analysis and savings forecast, based on US Department of Energy - approved Energy Plus modeling engine, with proven correlation to actual results.


Incentives Assessment

Support for meeting rebate and tax credit requirements where applicable. This is part of our localized expertise in various regions around the world.


Film Installation

Non-disruptive, turnkey glazing upgrade by a certified SolarZone team ensures professional procedure and effective results, and backing by a long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty.


Measurement & Verification

Post-installation performance tracking, providing measurement and verification of energy savings gained, using sophisticated electronic toolkits.